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Our client gets a safe, confidential place to talk to the counsellor who will listen and help them deeply understand their emotional challenges. We are sure of one thing: no one knows better than our client how they feel. That includes us. That is the reason why our counselor will not tell them what to do, but will enable them to face their reality and help determine the choice a client can make and find the most convenient decision they can take for them to start feeling better.

For up to three months after the therapy is ended, we make sure you have the support you need. This is what makes Free UR Mind stand out.

 Each session of our counselling and its corresponding treatment is individually developed, always according to each client’s needs. We offer a flexible therapy scheme. This gives our clients the possibility of choosing the most suitable option from a range of counselling formats, like:

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Face to face sessions are common therapy formats. We advise our client to make an appointment with a therapist to see them personally. This counselling format offers our clients an opportunity to get in touch, interact, and respond to any emotions regarding their problems at the very moment it is being conversed. 

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Individual Or Group

Our clients count with an option in which they can choose between seeing a counselor individually or joining a counseling group with other individuals going through with similar issues. Our group counseling session is helpful for people who want to discuss their concerns, share their thoughts and get insights from other persons who share their feelings. This format is particularly useful since it sets the base for the surge of support networks for difficult situations.


Online Counseling

Some people don’t have access to a counsellor where they live or simply prefer to not speak personally about their problems. For those cases, we use remote technologic solutions, like telephone and email, to conduct the counselling  them instead. Our online counselling is a convenient alternative for those who avoid face-to-face conversations or those who, due to geographical conditions, cannot attend face to face sessions. This counselling format is also a great option for those who want to be kept anonymous.

Our Specialties:

  • Our counsellors are able to capture and understand the messages that our clients communicate as they tell their stories, whether those messages are in spoken or body language.
  • Our counselors are with the clients, both physically and emotionally.
  • Effective attendance conveys clients that we are with them and that they can confidently share anything with us. We try to make each client comfortable enough to both speak and listen carefully to what is being said in the session.
  • We offer empathy and understanding to our clients. Our counsellors are devoted to listening to clients, understanding their concerns, and communicating this understanding to them. We acknowledge the feelings of our clients and attempt to give them exactly the support they are looking for.
  • We go with an analytical approach. Our questions enable clients to explore more fully any relevant issues of their lives that might be linked to the problem that is being attended.
  • We summarize what was said in a session so as to arrange for a focus to what was previously discussed, to challenge, and to have a better understanding of the situation and boosting them to move forward.
  • Our communication skills are unified naturally during the entire counselling.
  • Our certified counselors continually attend clients and use a mix of empathy, analysis, and knowledge to help the client come to grips with their sensitive issues.

Our Dogmas

Our clients are our most important strength. We value:

  • Confidence and mutual respect
  • Morality and proficiency
  • Strong relationship and mutual support
  • Open communication
  • Impulse and flexibility
  • Individual and social responsibility
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