A Little About Us

We are a self-reliant, services-oriented counselling firm. Our counsellors have a valuable life experience that sets the base to provide you with reasonable and practical solutions. Our specialized counsellors are registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical counsellors. 

We utilize psychotherapy evidence based modalities. Our offer consists of counselling and psychotherapy services, focused on managing family and relationship problems and mental health conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, and other emotional and psychological issues.

We are aware that getting expert counselling assistance might be a problem if you live far from highly populated cities or if your community lacks transportation links. This is not a problem for us and we do not want it to be a nuisance for you.  

With us, you have the option of combining face to face counselling and online sessions. 

There are people all over the world dealing with difficult life-changing situations. Our mission is to help them deal with this, support them to leave the negativity behind, and stand strong again to face all the amazing moments that life has prepared for them.

What is counseling?

Counselling is a conversational rehabilitation therapy that requires the involvement of an expert therapist to attend to the client and help them find ways to deal with sensitive issues. For example some counsellors uses psychoanalytic therapy approach which “aim to make the unconscious conscious”. Counselling also can involve none conversational techniques like EMDR and OEI.

Counselling includes a safe, helpful space in which people have the chance to talk about any challenges or discomfort they might come into contact with. Counselling allows people see a different perspective, learn effective problem solving tools and to find more effective ways to cope with any troubling situation.

An active part of counselling is very important for the therapies to succeed. Being proactive and collaborative allows people to spell out their situation, gain new standpoints and work on the way to reach a pleasant change.

It can also support developing intuitions, generating solutions and considering choices.

What counseling helps you with?

  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, or eating disorders.
  • Distressing feelings, like hopelessness.
  • Poignant physical conditions, such as infertility or incapability to carry a pregnancy to full term.
  • A challenging life event, such as grief, a relationship failure, or work-related pressure
  • Challenging emotions – such as low self-esteem, mood swings, or bad temper.
  • Other concerns, such as sexual identity issues or family troubles.
    Learning effective tools and strategies Managing chronic physical pain

How Does Our Counselling work?

Counselling services at Free UR Mind are designed to help people all over the world recognize, clarify and encompass mental health and relationship related issues. The objective is to help the client develop better options to improve their life quality after leaving problems and worries behind. Our professional counsellors are ready to assist you and provide affordable, individual counselling sessions.

Free UR Mind offers you an array of specialized counselling services in every session. Participating in counseling will enable you to work with your reality, might help you get a better understanding of your situation and work towards a positive change.

We provide counselling in several languages like Arabic and Punjabi.  because the client’s native language can play a huge role in their healing process. Also “Language is crucial because it reflects an inner capacity to navigate the complex psychic [e.g.] spiritual geopolitical waters” (Sabnum Dharamsi)

Our team of counsellors

Each counsellor in our team is well-qualified and proficient in psychotherapy, mindset, or social work. All of them several possess years of experience working with a wide range of troubling matters, including relationships, mental health, and socially stressful situations. We attempt to meet the needs of a wide range of groups, so we are in the possibility of developing services that specifically attend each group’s requirements.


Who can attend counseling?

Anyone between the age of 16 – 80 and facing emotional and psychological difficulties. Our counseling sessions are flexible. Our team of experts works together with individuals, including children and young people, couples and families to come up with a useful solution that makes the strengths, insights, and knowledge of each person stand out when they are needed the most. 


How much will it cost?

Free UR Mind follows the fee schedule guidelines set by British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors. We also accept clients have motor vehicle accidents ICBC claims, WCB, Victim Assistance Program (VAP), or some employee’s extended medical insurance.

Our Mission

Long lasting treatment and positive effect

We use evidence-based psychotherapy treatments and techniques in our positive psychotherapy to enhance every client's life. Our counsellors help them live meaningful lives and improve the encounters of love, work, and play the might have in different moments of life.

Life changing effects of our counseling

Aiming to bring a great change in your life, we generate more and better opportunities for people of all ages. We help them throughout the journey of counseling as a faithful and supportive companion.

Help clients move forward

It’s common for clients to get stuck during treatment, stop progressing, and go back to old ways. Fortunately, we have worked hard to develop several ways of routing stuck scenarios and helping clients move forward. We apply the follow-up after treatment approach to make sure that our clients are applying the newly learned skills in their daily lives and that they are getting the support they need to move forward successfully. Our personalized counselling services enable them to get unstuck from where they are and help them act and feel as good as possible.

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