I could not believe the power of letting things out until I talked to a FreeURMind counsellor. From the start, she seemed interested in what I was saying and made me feel comfortable even when I was talking about the problems that trouble me the most. I did feel great relief after talking to her. Thank you!

-Susan M.
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I can recall feeling anxious all the time. Even when things were going right, I was always worried and thinking of thousands of ways in which everything could go wrong. When I first talked to the people at FreeURMind Counselling, I felt it was going to be a waste of time. I thought: "What can they do to solve all the troubles in my mind?" They proved me wrong. They were very supportive and knew exactly what to say to make me feel better, face my real situations, and find out by myself that they were easier to solve than I thought it was. They didn’t give me any solutions, they just made me talk, and I found it deep inside of me. I’m still wowed of how they made this happen.

-Robert L.
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When I first had a session with my FreeURMind counsellor, I was feeling insecure and unsatisfied with several things in my life. I thought I was not good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. I was carrying heavy stuff on my shoulders and I only noticed that when I talked to my counsellor. He helped me understand the whole scenario and to know that I was not seeing the great things I have achieved and the loving people around me. I am getting better now, I am feeling good again, and it’s all because of you.

-Martha R.
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I wanted to get rid of my high-stress levels and I had tried almost everything before! I downloaded apps, I went to all my friends but none of them seemed to get what I was feeling, I over-exercised… just when I was willing to take extreme measures, I found the FreeUrMind Counselling service and I was like “Why not? I already tried a lot of other things.” It worked from the very beginning and it really surprised me that I can talk it out and start feeling better almost immediately. They are not judgemental or the “do this, do that” kind of professionals. They get me talking and making the right questions and comments to make me aware of the ways I could keep my stress triggers from being harmful. I am smiling again and I love it. I had not authentically done it in a while.

-Stephen H.
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