ONLINE counselling?

The Free Ur Mind Virtual Counselling Service is about connection at your convenience. We take the common daily lifestyle of most of our members into account and embrace the very integral part of modern day life that is technology. 

Our experts are trained to securely deliver the same efficacy of psychotherapy techniques through the flexibility of live videoconferencing. Our approach is simple. We send you a private, secure link to your online session with us and once in session, we take the necessary steps to ensure you enter your desired comfort level in terms of interacting with us online. What that means is that we heavily emphasize on building a solid rapport with you so that you feel naturally more inclined to enter into your safe zone. As with face-to-face sessions, we study your response to the different mental and emotional therapy methods to assess which best mode best suites you.

Research studies suggest that online counselling is just as effective as traditional face-to-face counselling. In cases where clients have used a combination of both conventional and digital outlets, psychotherapy methods have been shown to assist individuals in their mental and emotional recovery.



  • We promise to provide a private, individual video-conferencing therapy session through a secure, encrypted link sent to the e-mail which you use to register with us.  
  • We guarantee to uphold the highest moral and ethical standard of practice set by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, delivering the same quality in terms of our clinical professionals delivering therapy from their same level of comfort as to provide it in a manner that will provide the same effectiveness. 
  • We guarantee a substantial amount of resources devoted and the strictest security regulations implemented to ensure your information is protected at all cost and maintained with the utmost confidentiality. 
  • We guarantee to take your online comfort level into serious consideration before proceeding with each online counselling session. 
  • We guarantee the application of evidence-based clinical techniques towards your recovery journey to certify that we approach your rehabilitation through actual knowledge and not speculation.
  • We guarantee the delivery of our service through flexible accessibility where you may receive counselling around a time that fits your schedule. 
  • We guarantee experienced, trained, expert clinical professionals. 
  • We guarantee a customized treatment plan by studying and  your personal response to applied methods.



Our intake form is designed to withdraw detailed information regarding your mental health and background as to enable us to get a comprehensive look into your issue and determine the best tools to assist in your recovery.


We commit to the highest safety practices to ensure a private, confidential, encrypted connection to your video-conferencing therapy session encrypted.


We do not support and/or provide generic counselling for all individuals as all individuals respond to a different therapy techniques. We work with you to deliver a unique path for your rehabilitation.


The registration process for Free Ur Mind Counselling service is the same as registering for our conventional counselling service. Clicking the button below will allow you to schedule a consultation with us. Once we receive your message, you will be sent a link to our intake a form and a link to your private session. 

Filling out the intake form automatically registers you as our member. It is imperative that the form is filled out as doing so during the session will take away from the issues at hand. 

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