Free Ur Mind is a private practice of counsellors who are registered in the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. We intend to deliver reliable counselling services and the necessary tools for enduring emotional and psychological support to each client. We take responsibility to help you become familiar with the most recent information concerning our counselling.

In our club, we care for you, consider you, and take you as a family. Your membership tends not only to ease your financial stress but also to improve your overall experience with our club.

Please note that this club membership maximum capacity is of 60 active members at a time.

Our Services Club Membership:

We invite you to be a part of our evolving community and get access to ample and reasonably priced counseling, a wide range of professional assistance, round-the-clock support, certified representatives, and an overall valuable counselling experience.

Free UR Mind Services:

Are you curious about counselling? Our expert counsellors will provide you with everything you can expect when taking a seat with a counselor.

  • Mental health counseling: They can help you manage emotional and psychological issues such as anxiety, bad temper, depressed mood, fear, annoyance, hopelessness and feelings of isolation, paranoia and bipolar disorders.
  • Pre-marriage counseling: Our experts are ready to help you deal with uncertainties by talking and understanding your worries. You will develop new communication skills you can use to communicate effectively with your future spouse.
  • Marriage counseling: Our counselling helps find pain points in your relation, solve them, and deal with the unpleasant sensations revealed during the counselling sessions.
  • Reinforcing family relationship counseling: Our sessions help you obtain a mental grasp on family interactions and the strains and conflicts inherent to them. You will learn new communication skills that might improve the way your family is currently interacting.
  • Mental Health conferences: These help you enhance your knowledge about unfamiliar mental health issues, transforming minds, and providing real life-long positive mental health outcomes.

Note: Our experts do not offer consultation on the psychological impact of a motor vehicle accident.

Who may become a member?:

We invite people between the age of 18 and 80 years old to join our club.

How to become member?:

Members can obtain our services at ‘Free Ur Mind’ with a non-refundable, one-time registration for just $50.00. A $35.00 monthly payment is necessary. To obtain our counselling services, members are required to possess accounts in good standing. You are responsible for making your payment each month.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Get a membership card for each member.
  2. Each member is allowed to take a one-time 30-minute consultation on one issue at no cost. Members can save 30 minutes for six months on their monthly payment. Then, the total saved 3 hours can be used in a counselling course or utilized in the future (2 years’ time limit to store credit). Members can save 3 hours to be used in sequence. 
    • For example, you are in search of four sessions of counselling and can use 3 hours of counselling services.
    • Four sessions X 50 minutes = 200 minutes.
    • 200 minutes – 180 minutes your saved minutes = -20 minutes. You can pay for 20 minutes at a 35% discount.
  3. Up to 35% discount on all counselling sessions while your membership is active.
  4. 40% discount on Free UR Mind products or services that are limited to support groups, conferences, seminars, and workshops of three days length.
  5. A family member or a friend is allowed to use your saved credits and a 30-minute counselling session (face to face or online) at no cost.
  6. Each member can cancel his or her membership agreement whenever they like and collect services for saved credits only.


Each member must possess a membership account status in “Good Standing.”

The member’s benefits are suspended when the member’s account is not in “Good Standing” status – commonly for unpaid dues.

The member is required to redeem his or her membership account status to “Good Standing” within 21 days. After a lapse of one month, membership will expire.

We possess exclusive rights to cancel this membership agreement at any time, with or without any prior notice and with the exemption.

Client’s Experience

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